Article Probabilistic interpretation of the Calderón problem published

Jointly with Petteri Piiroinen from University of Helsinki, we have continued our work on the probabilistic interpretation of the Calderón problem which was first posed by Alberto Calderón in the nowadays famous paper that layed the foundations for the mathematical study of the inverse conductivity boundary value problem (the inverse problem for electrical impedance tomography). After deriving a probabilistic interpretation of the forward problem with applications for problems with random background conductivities in a previous work (namely our Annals of Applied Probability article From Feynman–Kac formulae to numerical …), we have now tackled the inverse problem finding several interesting new formulations of the problem which might add to our understanding of the Calderón problem which is (in its most general form) still unsolved. Here is the link to our paper which was published in Inverse Problems and Imaging – AIMS.


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